What We Do

NNNetwork seeks to resource primarily the Canadian Church to reach Muslims in Canada. We do this through eight missional priorities:

  1. Raising Awareness and Casting Vision to the Canadian Church to fulfill the Great Commission command among Muslims in Canada through all forms of communication.
  2. Resourcing Canadian believers with the tools needed for reaching Muslims with the Good News and apologetic response to their challenges to our faith. This will entail, among other things, books and other print media, video media, website, providing access to materials from other ministries often not widely available.
  3. Equipping Believers via teaching and coaching in various formats: Seminars, conferences, and higher education courses, in conjunction with and supported by Resourcing.
  4. Identify and Recruit potential new workers in reaching Muslims and facilitate their process in becoming fully vetted workers.
  5. Mobilize workers into high Muslim population centers across Canada.
  6. Strategize and Mobilize Churches and Believers by teaching and coaching in effective ministry among Muslims in their own communities; modelling personal engagement with Muslims, building local ministry outreach which also serves to both engage other local believers in the work and serve as and example to others.
  7. Networking ministers and ministries to Muslims within our fellowship and in cooperation with other bodies of Believers. This serves toward edification, cross-pollination and serving as resources to local and regional believers and congregations; it also serves to represent our Fellowship among other Fellowships, the CNMM [Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims], and other cross-denominational bodies engaging Muslims in Canada.
  8. Developing the Prayer Network for this ministry, and for ministry to Muslims in Canada.


How can we help you reach Muslims in Canada with the good news of Jesus Christ? 

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