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Stand on the shoulders of giants … or at least watch over their shoulders and learn from them!  Utilize these videos to learn both basics and advanced topics on ministry to Muslims. New videos are added frequently.

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 29 – the Sacred Bread

Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” Pray, and engage with Muslims around you, proclaiming this saving truth!   Go to the following page to learn more about prayer, and specifically praying for the nations!

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 28 – the Sylheti of NE Bangladesh

Watch the PRAYERCAST video – and agree in prayer, below!                       Bangladesh has approx. 325 people groups, 292 of which are unreached! Download the following list and prayer points (2nd to last page) below!

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 26 – Berbers of Morocco

Watch the PRAYER VIDEO on Morocco at large. Click the image on the right to learn more about the Berber people who span much of the North West African coastal nations.      

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 23 – Fulbe (Fulani) of Ghana

Click the image below to watch the testimony of a Fulani man and his testimony of how he came to faith in Jesus!

RAMADAN Prayer Guide: Day 18 – Shias of Iraq

To watch a general video of Iraq and all her people groups, including Shias, click the following image.

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 16: Libyan Muslims

      Read more, watch a VIDEO and pray more! Click the image below to visit the page on Libya:

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 15: The Java Pesisir Lor of Indonesia

The Java Pesisir Lor are a sub-group of Javanese Muslims, and fascinating. Learn more and pray deeper, here!  Or, watch a short VIDEO here! 

Ramadan Prayer Guide, Day 13: Tunisia … home of the minaret

     Watch and pray, like it says in Matthew 26:41! 😉

Nigerian president assures UK archbishop of efforts to secure release of Christian girl

Background REPORT: ‘Islamic war of expansion’ underpins ‘religious cleansing’ in southern Kaduna, Nigeria Nigerian president assures UK archbishop of efforts to secure release of Christian girl Following a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the President of Nigeria Muhammadu B

Evangelical head sets out ambitious vision for rebuilding CAR

  Churches in the Central African Republic have pledged to unite in prayer in response to the worsening violence dividing the country. The leader of the country’s evangelical church network says the effort has the potential to bring peace to the troubled nation. “Recent history o

Video: Four Years Later 112 Chibok Girls who were abducted still in hands of Boko Haram

Chibok abductions: ‘We are bitter, 112 girls are still in the hands of Boko Haram’  April 13, 2018 By World Watch Monitor NigeriaBoko Haram, Chibok girls, Christian Association of Nigeria, Nigeria Of the 276 girls kidnapped four years ago in Chibok, 112 are still missing. (World Watch

The scars that don’t heal: Bangui pastor recalls church shelling

  The rain that has fallen overnight has left a puddle in the church, and the pastor, Rev. Franco Mbaye-Bondoi, is worried that if the walls are not repaired before the heavy rains begin in two months, they may collapse. The dangerous cracks in the walls are the only signs left o

VIDEO, Dr Jay Smith: New Historical Problems with the Qur’an

Jay was invited on to John McLatchie’s Zoom Webinar to discuss 5 historical problems with the Qur’an, including: 1) The 2 Compilations of the Qur’an (Abu Bakr & Uthman) 2) The 6 Earliest extant Qur’anic manuscripts 3) The 2 layers of the Sana’a Palimp

Imam calls for radical reforms to end extremism and safeguard Eastern Christians

Sexual slavery practised by Islamic State (IS) jihadists is condoned in literature that is available at Islamic institutions and should be burnt, a leading imam in France has said. Hocine Drouiche, vice president of the Conference of Imams of France and an imam in Nimes, said that the

VIDEO: Yemeni believers – Week 4 Prayer

Watch and pray through the video HERE.   As you read the testimony below, be in prayer as well.   “Hasan” (not his real name) was raised in a fundamentalist family in a small village in Yemen. He always went to the mosque with his father. When he was five years old, he was s

Video: Jesus, Son of God? (in multiple languages!)

Jesus, Son of God? Christians believe Jesus was the Son of God. Where and when did they get that idea? And what does ‘Son of God’ mean? You’ve heard it said, and it’s true: “If you don’t know your history, you’ll be forced to repeat it.”

Don’t Mistranslate the Qur’an!

MINUTE MESSAGE: ISA AL-MASIH AND AL-QURAN DON’T MISTRANSLATE THE QURAN! (78)    The translation of the Quran often confuses us. Qs 3:45 is translated: “. . . Allah gives you good tidings of (the birth of a son that He created) with a Word (that came) from Him, His name is Al-Masih . .

Video: Dr. Jay Smith on Six Major Historical Problems with Islam

We now come to our final and 7th Episode in this series: Six Major Historical Problems with Islam. In this video Jay and Tony review what has been said in the initial 6 episodes, proving that much of what we know of the Qur’an, of Muhammad, the creation of Islam, the Islamic sla

Egypt: Church owner fined, attackers given suspended sentences

An Egyptian court today (31 January) found 15 people guilty of attacking a Coptic church south of Cairo, and also fined a Coptic man for illegally hosting the church on his premises. The misdemeanour court in Giza governorate handed down one-year suspended jail sentences to the 15 att

Video: Dr. Jay Smith on Why 31 Different Qur’ans?!

In this climactic episode,  Dr. Jay Smith and host Tony Gurule discuss the 31 different Arabic Qur’ans which have been procured by Hatun Tash, a colleague of Jay’s in London, over that past 2 years. Read the preview below, and CLICK HERE to view the video. Yet, Muslims hav

Yemen – Liquid Prayer for Breakthrough! (video)

Week 2 in a month of prayer focus on Yemen:  Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:5-6 Tears in Scripture play a unique role in spiritu

Video: Dr. Jay Smith on the Hidden Islamic Slave Trade

We now come to the 5th episode in our ‘Historical Problems with Islam’ series, filmed in Tony Gurule’s ‘Colliding Worldviews’ program. [Note: this is the first episode which has been filmed in High Definition – we hope that you will notice the diffe

Video: Dr Daniel Janosik on The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise

For the fourth Colliding Worldview episode Dr Daniel Janosik was invited on the show with Tony Gurule to talk about the problems with Islamic Spain (known as Andalusia in ancient times) Dr Janosik used as his basis for the talk the new book which has just been published this year, ent

This Week in Prayer: Yemen

This week in prayer: Yemen Yemen Overview – Watch this short video, titled: Yemen, My Heart Breaks #1 As you read the article below, be in prayer as well. Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis by Amiira Ann Shariifa sat motionless in her little hut. She felt numb. Her husband had been killed in

Video: Do Jihadist Attacks “Have Nothing to do with Islam”?

Denis Maceoin with Gatestone Institute examines in this video the claim often made by politicians and the media immediately after an attack by Islamist radicals that it “has nothing to do with Islam”? Is that claim true? While it is designed to make everyone feel better, i


Click HERE to view this video, #3 in the series.   PfanderFilms Published on Nov 20, 2017 We come to the 3rd episode in the ‘Colliding Worldview’ series, this one zeroing in on the problems with research which shows there was a total of 4 Qiblas (i.e. the direction to

Video: Dr. Jay Smith, Why are the 6 earliest Qur’an codices not like our Qur’an?

Click HERE to watch this video!  #2 in the series. PfanderFilms Published on Nov 14, 2017 We now have Jay’s second ‘Colliding Worldview’ show with Tony Gurule, where the two discussed the problems with the 6 earliest manuscripts of the Qur’an in existence today

Video: Why are there two compilations of the Qur’an? With Dr. Jay Smith

Muslim conventional wisdom – what Muslim’s tell each other and others about the origins of the Qur’an – says that their Holy Book was spoken by Allah, word for word, without error, and has never been changed. The question to be asked is: Is that true? Does hist

Praying for: Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

This posting shared from M5 prayer initiative   Yanbu is a beautiful city located on the shores of the Red Sea.  The name Yanbu comes from the Arabic word for a spring.  The city dates back some 2,500 years when it was a trading and caravan stopping post.  Spice and incense trade

‘Unprecedented’ persecution of Egypt’s Christians heads 2018 World Watch List

Mourners carry the coffin of a victim of the blast at the Coptic Christian Saint Mark’s church in Alexandria, April 2017 More Christians abused in India than in all other countries combined; Nepal enters list Islamic extremists driven out of Iraq and Syria are behind a new intensity o

Jay Smith on: The Qur’an’s New Historical Problems

This talk on the ‘New Historical Problems with the Qur’an’ was given by Dr Jay Smith on October 18th, 2017 in Hong Kong. CLICK AND GO TO THIS LINK TO VIEW THE VIDEO.  It was to have been a debate with a Muslim, but they decided not to debate the topic until it was to

Sudanese Woman Who Escaped 100 Lashes for Adultery and Death for Apostasy, three years later

Reposted with permission from: June 23, 2017 By World Watch Monitor           (Full transcript of video at bottom.) Three years ago today, a young Sudanese mother was freed from prison after narrowly escaping being hanged, first having been lashed 100 times fo

INTERACTIVE: What does the inside of a refugee camp in Lebanon look like?

Click and drag through the video in the link below to see the camp through the camera’s 360° lens! A Syrian family outside their makeshift tent in a Lebanese refugee camp, August 2016  |  WWM One in every 113 people on earth is a refugee, according to UN figures; yesterday at its Gene