Welcome to PFM-CAD, Praying For Muslims in Canada!

PFM-CAD in 2016 is the convergence of the formerly printed version of this name with the electronically distributed Jumuah: Friday Prayer Network. These two join forces – the monthly format focused on praying for unreached Muslim peoples in Canada and the Church in our nation to reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and the electronic distribution format of Jumuah:Friday Prayer Network – in order to better serve our nation.

2016 Focus: Muslim Unreached and Unengaged People Groups in Canada

Muslims continue coming to Canada in increasing numbers, especially now with the current war in Syria and surrounding nations. While some might look upon these newcomers with fear, we look with eyes of faith. We see God’s hand and plan at work, for His purpose in immigration–shown to us in Acts 17:26-27–is that through the disruption of moving between nations they will seek God like never before and be opened to new encounters with the Truth of Jesus Christ. And it is through those devoted to Jesus, Christ-followers forming His Body, that they will experience the love, grace and truth so needed in their lives.

At it’s most basic for Muslims, those here already and coming to Canada, to encounter Jesus will take at least three things:

  1. The move of the Holy Spirit. This is ‘God’s job,’ and we can trust Him to do His part!
  2. Prayer, for in praying we align ourselves with His purposes and are moved upon to enact as the Spirit reshapes our hearts. We also release what God wants to happen in our realm and in His, too. Let’s pray and pray more.
  3. Loving, authentic witness. Agape’ love, in other words, for unconditional love must act in order to be genuine. And God has always purposed that we His people be His witnesses. Our demonstrated love for one another and for those around us, including the most unloveable and even for those considered ‘enemies,’ are what authenticate Christ in us, validate our reason for being, and bring honour and glory to Him.

PFM-CAD, along with NNNetwork and other partners, serves in support of these three things.

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