Believers, pastors, ministry leaders, churches in North America. All have a Biblical mandate to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And we want to.  But often, we just don’t know how.  Especially when it comes to missions and Muslims.

Within our own cultural context, we are often well equipped to do evangelism – to share with others the hope that it within us. But when it comes to sharing that hope into the cultural context of someone who is significantly different than us, then it becomes especially challenging. We share, but it seems to misfire somehow.

That’s because its missions, not evangelism. Both are about sharing the Gospel, but there are some big differences. And those are the cultural, religious, linguistic and even ethnic distance and distinctions between us as speaker and our new friends and acquaintances from whom we are different.

And that’s where we come in.

Ephesians 4:11-12 tell us God, in His great wisdom, gave “some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry….”  Notice that pastors and teachers are distinct from apostles or missionaries. These are different roles and giftings in the Body of Christ.

Our calling is to equip God’s people to cross cultural, religious and linguistic differences between speaker and hearer in dialogue, empowering our witness.

So how can we help you?!  Check out our various ministry offerings below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask.

Is the Virgin Mary “Holy”?

Shared with permission from Isa and Islam Tools for Sharing Jesus with Muslims from ISA AND ISLAM   IS THE VIRGIN MARY HOLY? (62) Was the Virgin Mary holy and without sin? The saying, “O Mary, indeed Allah has … purified you …” (Qs 3:42) gives the impression that she did no

Qur’an Calls Christians “Followers of the Injil”

Reposted with permission from Isa and Islam Tools for Sharing Jesus with Muslims from ISA AND ISLAM   THE QURAN CALLS CHRISTIANS “FOLLOWERS OF THE INJIL” (039) If The Quran gives Christians the title: “People of the Gospel” (Qs 5:47). We really like this title! What a pity that n

Loving Muslims Together Conference – Nov. 3-5, 2016

Currently there are almost 1.5 million Muslims in Canada, with about 87,500 more arriving each year. It’s predicted that within 15 years the Muslim Population in Canada will be about 3 million.*  *Stats Canada 2011 National Household Survey and 2011 Pew Forum In light of all that’s ha

Welcoming New Citizens and Offering A Bible!

Did you know that at Canadian citizenship ceremonies we are freely allowed to be present and make Bibles available to new citizens? This is a great opportunity to engage recent Muslim newcomers to Canada. How does this impact Muslims? Immigrants from Islamic countries represent approx


Should I fear Muslims?  Are all Muslims terrorists?  Is Islam a religion of peace?  Does Islam mean peace?  What about Shari’ah law?  Is it okay for us to accept it into family courts?  Who is Muhammad? And how does he compare to Jesus?  Is the Qur’an the Word of God, and


Loving Muslims:  Understanding and Reaching Muslims with the Good News Does starting a conversation with Khaleel and Jamillah got you stumped?  Ridwan now works in the cubicle next to you. Or maybe its Saleema who’s locker is next to yours at school, or at the fitness centre. Mu

Leadership Teams

Ministry leadership teams are key to the direction and effectiveness of your outreach. While some larger or fortunately gifted churches have staff with the cross-cultural training and experience to reach outside the church body and into communities of people quite different from those


James 5 shows us that true faith is demonstrated by our action, not simply what resides in our head or heart. What we really believe is lived out through our behaviours. Ephesians 4 and many other passages show us that all believers are called to ministry; it’s the five-fold rol