Who We Are

We are a network of people across Canada who love immigrants, and especially Muslims.

We come together cooperatively as resources to the local and national church.

We exist to equip believers – individually, in small groups and entire churches – to reach Muslims living in Canada.

Why Muslims?

The reasons are many, but here are the primary ones:

  • We love God. And Jesus the Eternal Son is God’s greatest and most personal expression of Himself in human form. We love what He has done for us, and how He gathers us up to Himself and engages us with Him in loving outreach to those around us. We want everyone to know His loving goodness.
  • We love Muslims. Having lived and worked among Muslims in many countries, we find them most often to be gracious, hospitable, friendly, loving great dialogue and sharing even if we see and believe things differently.
  • We want our Muslim friends to know God’s love and great, liberating promises for them. This is what the Good News, the Gospel or Injil, is all about. And Muslims – as a religious group – are the most “unreached” with this Good News. Far more so than any other religious group in the world.
  • Muslims don’t know the truth about what we as Christians believe. Yes, Muslims have many thoughts about what we believe, but from our experience, almost all of those are misunderstandings. Understanding has great power to bring reconciliation, peace, and harmony. By sharing the truth about Jesus, the Bible, and more with our Muslim friends, coworkers, fellow students and neighbours, we are moving together toward a better society.
  • Muslims have deep and rich religious traditions and cultures. These are often quite different from those of the West. This difference is sometimes cause for misunderstanding. Our respective cultural behaviours, normal and natural for us, are misunderstood when viewed through different cultural lenses. Even actions with the most innocent and best of intentions can go awry. We want to help find commonalities, appreciate differences, and build mutual understanding.


How can we help you?  

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